Cortney Logan and Alexandra Weissner Co Founders of bRUNch Running

What in the world is bRUNch Running?

What we aren’t:

First and foremost, bRUNch Running is not to be mistaken for a "run club". We are so much more than that and we are anything but EGG-clusive.

What we are:

We are producers of high quality events focused around fitness (running), food, and drink. Which includes our (6th) annual bRUNch Run 5k +10k timed race held every October in Denver, Colorado.

bRUNch Running is for anyone and everyone! Our community is made up of thousands of individuals known as “bRUNchatarians”: those who enjoy all things: running and fitness related, eating (brunch mostly), drinking (delish libations)  + of course being social. bRUNch offers a welcoming environment at all of our events and online, both free of judgement and that “cliquey feel”.

bRUNch Running's expertise is creating and cultivating community and have hosted over two hundred high quality events over the past six (6) years throughout Colorado, Arizona, New York, California and Texas!

We use our experience and established relationships within the fitness realm and food world to create unique and one-of -a-kind events. We pride ourselves on being highly organized paying much attention to detail and ensuring our bRUNchatarians have an enjoyable time. Every. Single. Time.

In addition to hosting our own bRUNch branded events, we also help elevate and promote other communities, businesses, and brands though partnership! If you are a restaurant, fitness studio, or other unique business or brand that has marketing needs, we can help. No task too big or too small! We can produce an event tailored to your specific needs or create brand awareness though vendor opportunities at our events and online. Feel free to reach with any innovative marketing or event needs you may have. We would be happy to put together a proposal on what we can do for you!

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