Welcome to the #bRUNchTribe

In a nutshell: RUN. EAT. DRINK. We take the pain out of planning brunch with all of your friends! We pick a date, a restaurant, running route(s), menu, and we take care of the check at the end! All you have to is just purchase your ticket online and show up. We usually meet on a Sunday and go for a "run", we use the term run loosely, as its up to you how fast or slow you'd like to go.  We also let you pick your distance (we map out 5k + 10k options so you don't get lost).  After you complete your morning jaunt we all "brunch" together at a local hotspot restaurant. All our runs start and finish at the restaurant and are untimed because we like to keep things simple. We don't care how fast or slow you go, how young or old you are (must be 21+ to drink adult beverages of course),  or whether you're male or female. The only thing we care  about is that you like, scratch that, LOVE brunch!

So, whether you are just starting to dabble with the idea of running, trying to get back into running, an avid runner or hate the idea of running, bRUNch Running is definitely for you!  You can find like-minded, passionate individuals to share your running, fitness, and foodie adventures with all while enjoying brunch. We call it a socially delicious experience.  

Our mission is to empower other's to be comfortable in their own skin and running ability. We aren't here to judge you, unless you don't like brunch, then we probably can't be friends.

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We LOVE Your R.B.F. (

Resting Brunch Face)


bRUNch Running is not your typical running club. We are an online + in-person community of individuals that enjoy all things: running, eating (brunch mostly), drinking (responsibly-ish)  + of course being social.  


Photos: The 4th Annual bRUNch Run 5k + 10k 

We ran. We ate. We drank. We had a grand ole time!

Check out all the fun we had at the 4th Annual bRUNch Run 5k + 10k. Feel free to download + share your images on social media! Make sure to tag @brunchrunning and use the hashtag(s) #bRUNchRun, #avocadotoastotthat, and #brunchtribe.

Save the date! The 5th Annual bRUNch Run is schedule for October 14, 2018. Tickets on sale now.

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