how to transfer your registration?

Life happens, and we totally get that!  Unfortunately,  we are unable to offer refund for our events. However, we do allow a transfer of your registration to a) another individual or b) to another bRUNch Run event for yourself. The best part is, transfers are easy! All you have to do is go to, and log into your account.

Transfer to someRUN else

We are bummed you can’t make it to our event, but at least you have found someone just as amazing as you to purchase your registration. All you need to do is log into your Active account. Select the event, click on “ transfer to another person”,  provide Active with their email information, at which time that person will receive a link to “accept” registration. During this process they will be prompted to submit their payment information. As soon as Active receives their payment, you will receive a refund for your purchase. Yay! You have successfully transferred your registration to another person! We will miss you, but we know we will see ya at the next event, right? RIGHT?

If you are looking for someone to purchase your registration, we recommend posting in that event’s Facebook event page!

Transfer to a different bRUNch Event

If you can no longer attend the event you signed up for but you still want to get your bRUNch on all you need to do is log into you Active account. Select the event you are signed up for and click on “transfer to another event”. Select the  event you would like to attend. Reminder, not all events are the same price, you may have to pay a price difference.


Still have questions about the transfer process? Email us at