Plan your own B.Y.O.B. Event

So you want to plan a bRUNch? Here are few tips on how to create your own fun event...

Step 1: Select a restaurant

The restaurant will be the start and finish location of your run. We recommend selecting a restaurant that is close to a park or trail. 

Step 2: Make your route

As this is your bRUNch you get to select the distance. We use MapMyRun to map out our routes, but you can use whichever platform you enjoy most. If are are using MapMyRun make sure to check out the bRUNch Running group, and to add your route to our group page. After you make the route, you can tag the route as a bRUNch route. 

Step 3: Create the Event on Facebook

Now it is time to tell people about your event! Log into Facebook, and head on over to the bRUNch Tribe Facebook group, and select ‘Events’ on the tab, then click the ‘Create Event’ button. Fill in all the required information. Add photos! Invite your friends! 

Step 4: Promote    

Leading up to the event, promote, promote, promote. 

Step 5: bRUNch it out! 

Day of bRUNch, have a blast! Enjoy the run, enjoy the food, enjoy the drinks! And most importantly enjoy the company. bRUNch is about creating community! So get excited to about all the new friends you are going to make, and all the miles you are going to log!


A few suggestions to keep in mind while you are planning:

  • Reservations. If you will be making a reservation with a restaurant, we suggest asking people to only RSVP yes, if they are actually able to attend.
  • Give the restaurant the heads up that your group will need separate checks. This is just a nice touch!
  • Leave no bRUNcher behind! Since the beginning our focus has been on creating an environment where runners and walkers of all levels feel comfortable showing up. Make sure to get to know everyone before taking off, and the nice thing, everyone will be finishing at the restaurant!
  • Make sure to tag all the photos you post to social with the hashtag #bRUNchRunning.
  • If you have any questions reach out to us! Email and we can help you plan the best bRUNch possible!


Note: DIY bRUNches are intended for personal enjoyment only. We ask that organizations and corporations contact us directly about planning a bRUNch run.