The Everyday Athlete

So, once upon a time we tried to do an “ambassadorship” of sorts. Unfortunately, it flopped. Partly, because it was just Alex and I (Cortney) trying to “do all the things” as she puts it, but mainly because we didn’t keep up with it and we didn’t involve our #bRUNchTribe in ways that we should have and could have. But hey, we learn from our mistakes right? But it’s not a total loss! Something amazing that came from our failure was our “Feature Friday” campaign which was widely popular and a whole lot of fun.


What in heck is Feature Friday you ask? It was a campaign where we featured one bRUNcher a week on our social media. We showcased what they were up to in the running spectrum, why they run, races they were signed up for, how they got into running, etc. You get the idea.

So, we want to bring it back! But, we will be making a few changes. It’ll be called the #EverydayAthlete, and you will have an option to do a “social media takeover” where our community will get to follow you around for a day. Don’t worry we will give you all the “how to’s” later on.

Um, ok… the Everyday Athlete? What is that? Well, it’s you, it’s me, it’s all of us. It’s how about how fitness plays a role in your life and it doesn’t have to just be running and brunch (although we are obsessed with those things).  If we haven’t lost you yet, keep reading...

Maybe you’ve just discovered a new fitness passion (currently, I’m obsessed with CycleBar, which is the perfect cross-training method to my running). Or maybe you’ve signed up for your first marathon or your first 5k.  Maybe you’ve been wanting to try something new: like a yoga class or crossfit! Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight or gained a little bit (that’s totally ok, that’s like all of us after the holidays #amirite) and you’re hoping back on the fitness train, maybe you’re going after that PR or BQ, or maybe your goal is just to get to the gym a few times a week. Whatever it is you’re an athlete and you have a story to tell and we all want to hear it. But even more so, we want to share it and help other’s discover their Everyday Athlete. 

You don’t have to be a regular #bRUNcher, heck maybe you just heard about bRUNch Running today! Regardless, we are all about community and INCLUSIVITY. So, fill out the form below AND email us a photo of you (running, working out, being awesome, whatever suits your fancy) with your name in the subject line. We will be getting back to those interested with more information regarding your social media take over and sharing your #EverydayAthlete story!

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