Community Outreach Coordinator Application


A community outreach coordinator is our person on the ground! As a community outreach coordinator you would be responsible for:

  • Hosting (1) one monthly in-person bRUNch DIY for in your city.
  • Create a Facebook event for each month you are hosting a DIY event, to ensure that bRUNchers can plan ahead. These events will be posted in the bRUNch Tribe Facebook group.
  • Lead one quarterly ticketed bRUNch event. bRUNch Running will handle all the logistics of the event. All we ask of you is to manage check-in, lead the run, answer questions and be point person for restaurant (bRUNch Running will provide procedural training). You will be compensated for day of ticketed event.
  • Facilitate conversation among bRUNchers in-person and thru social media: i.e. Facebook group.
  • Be available for quarterly skype “meeting(s)” with the bRUNch team and available to attend training(s).
  • Read and respond to all correspondence from bRUNch Running.
  • Be able to commit to this position no less than (6) six months


What do you get out of being a C.O.C. (community outreach coordinator)?

  • Be an intricate part of growing our amazing community by helping inspire other bRUNchers.
  • Free yearly bRUNch membership
  • Discounts for all bRUNch hosted events, including special friends and family discounts
  • Access to an incredible network of individuals involved in the fitness and running community
  • (1) one exclusive bRUNch shirt quarterly, discount on all bRUNch Running Apparel
  • Unique perks such as discounts to various races in your city, free swag, giveaways, and more (we’ve been know to give away top brand running shoes, sunglasses, and more)
  • Hourly rate pay (TBD) day of ticketed event(s)
  • Fun, fun, fun
  • Possibility to turn into a part-time position in the future

Disclaimer: This is primarily a volunteer position through bRUNch Running. You will only be paid during ticketed events you are working, not any D.I.Y. events.

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If you seem like a great fit for this position, you will receive an email follow up from us.