September Challenge: #bRUNchStreak

We are doing our very first #bRUNchstreak! 

This fun streak was designed because we felt like challenging ourselves to running at least one mile a day during the month of September. There are lots of fall races coming up and it's almost skiing/snowboarding season, so to get us ready for all of the above and more, running at least a mile a day will make us stronger!

The goal/rules! Run at least one mile per day, every day, starting Friday, September 1st and ending on Saturday, September 30th! 

Hint. Hint. This is a great way to training for The bRUNch Run on October 8th! 

Checking in and making your mile or miles count. If you don't post it on the Internet it didn't happen. Check-in and motivate other bRUNchers by sharing your updates on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram using the hashtag #bRUNchStreak and tagging us! Social links below! You can also take photos of your breakfast and brunch afterwards! 

Happy bRUNching!