Guest Post: Fun & Fitness Belong Together

Post by 2nd Recess

At 2nd Recess, we believe that health and fitness should be fun.  During practices with kids ages 4 through 13, we inspire kids to get moving through activities that include running as the core focus.  Kids are able to try a variety of cross-country and track and field activities ranging from shot put, to interval training, to long jump, and cross country hills. 

While the 2nd Recess participants get to have fun trying different exercises at practices, we also believe that the fun of fitness should continue into adulthood.  Why shouldn't you always have fun while getting a good workout done?  As a result, we have created cross-training circuit games that can be completed as a family or taken to the gym for a solo-sweat session.

So check out the following games to achieve a high-intensity workout that is sure to put a smile on your face too.  You can make these activities even more challenging by adding sprints or timed-runs in between ‘gut buster’ or ‘spell your name’ fitness circuits!

Gut Busters.jpg