Denver bRUNch Guide

Denver is saturated with beautiful running trails and delicious eateries to brunch at. With so many choices, how does one choose where to bRUNch at? Well,  we’ve put together a list of our some of our favorite places to run and brunch at. 

Sloan’s Lake (1700 Sheridan Blvd)                                                                                                   Located in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood, Sloan’s Lake offers a nice 2-mile waterfront loop. Take in the sites of the mountains to the west and the city to the east. The trail around the lake is relatively flat but to get to our favorite restaurants, you’ll have a slight hill to run up. 

Top restaurants to brunch at in this area are Brazen, Vital Root,  Denver Biscuit Company, and Bacon Social House

Washington Park                                                                                                                             Bordered by Virginia Ave. on the north, Downing St. on the west, Louisiana Ave. on the south and Franklin St. on the east Wash Park is by far Denver’s most popular park to run. No matter the time of day, this park is filled with runners, walkers, and bikers. The loop around the park is about 2.5 miles, and a little bit hilly. As you head south, feel the slight downhill and north a little bit of an uphill. 

Restaurants to brunch at are Telegraph and Devil’s Food

Cheesman Park (1599 E. 8th St)                                                                                                            Love this park! Cheesman has a 1.5-mile crushed granite jogging path around the entire park and lots of trees, which allows you to run in the shade and keep cool. If you want to add some mileage, we recommend running down to Josephine where you’ll pass the Botanical Gardens. This park used to be a cemetery (cue the creepy music), and sometimes on those early foggy mornings, the park has the erie feel to it, which may make you run a little faster. 

Restaurants to brunch at are Sassafras, Steuben's, Olive & Finch, and Humboldt.  

City Park (East of downtown on 17th Ave. and York St).                                                                  

City Park is Denver’s largest park with a nice 3-mile loop around the entire park. If you are looking to add a little more distance you can run around the golf course. This park is a little bit hilly. If you run the park clockwise, expect a hill as you run up 23rd towards the zoo. If you run counterclockwise down 23rd, you get an incredible view of the Denver skyline. 

Restaurants to brunch at include Denver Biscuit Company, Syrup, Steuben’s, Olive & Finch, Dos Santos, and Humboldt.  

Commons Park, Confluence Park and Platte River Trail                                                                    

The Platte River Trail is 28.5 miles long and runs from W Dartmouth Ave (College View) to E 104th Ave/SR 44 and E 120th Parkway (N Denver). If you need to get in a long-run, this is one of the spots to do it. If you are looking for something a little shorter, they are some great turn-around spots like Mile High Stadium. 

Restaurants to brunch at include Linger, Ophelia’s, Morning Collective, Snooze-Union Station, Candela Latin Kitchen, Just Be Kitchen, Hi Rise, Interstate Kitchen + Bar, and The Corner Office

Cherry Creek Trail                                                                                                                           Another great long-run spot is the Cherry Creek Regional Trail, which offers 40-miles from downtown Denver out to Arapahoe and Douglas counties. Our only piece of advice, watch out for the bikers. 

Restaurants to brunch at include Departure, Quality Italian, Olive & Finch, The Nickel, and The Corner Office

Stapleton Central Park                                                                                                                Looking for a flat, easy run? Stapleton Central Park is the perfect location. Located on 80 acres, you can run a nice 3-mile around the actual park, and then hit the connected trails for something a little bit longer. 

Restaurants to brunch at include HashTAG, Stanley Market Place, and Four Friends Kitchen.