Secret Ingredients: Turning Hobbies into a Job


Last month we celebrated being in business for three years. While taking a look back at this time, we wanted to find a way to share our experiences in building this business and give you an inside look into bRUNch Running as a company. Each week, myself or Cortney will share a post with you about something that is related to us as individuals but also as a brand. Welcome to Secret Ingredients!

Cortney and I had come up with the concept of bRUNch about a year before we actually filled out any real paperwork. We had started to notice a trend in the running industry where there was a disconnect between the race and the after-party, the run club and diversity, real food and processed foods and locally-sourced projects and big national brands. 

We saw the need and wanted to help lead the industry into a new direction. How did we come up with the name? One Sunday we had gone for a run and to brunch. We run, we ate, we drank a few mimosas and we went home to change and then continue our Sunday Funday. While at home Cortney and I were texting about what we could call a group that ran on Sunday mornings and ate brunch afterwards. That’s when Cortney said, “The word run is in the middle of the word brunch.” That was kind of it. 

Being the crazy, impulsive, jump head-first into something kind of person I am, I immediately created us a Facebook page and created our first event for the following weekend. At this time we basically were just a group of friends that met at a restaurant, went for a run and then sat down together for a meal. There was no real organization, no planning with the restaurant. We were just another group showing up for brunch, except we were really sweaty. 

It took us a few more months before we realize this was a great idea but we had not nailed down the concept and how to work with the restaurants. At this same time, I was getting more involved in beer festival and dinner production with Denver Off The Wagon. This was when yet another light bulb went off and what you currently know as bRUNch was born. 

At this time point in time, bRUNch was just a hobby job, neither of us really knew what we were doing but we were having a fun time and creating an awesome community of runners. 

Since first launching in Denver, we have expanded, received some amazing national news coverage and is helping to drive our brand and vision throughout the U.S. What does that mean for the future of bRUNch? 

There will be some changes in the next year for the brand. These are all for the better. We want to be creating quality events that are helping create community and helping other local businesses grow. One thing that we will always stay true to is working with local partners. We want to be a national brand, but each event we produce will always be locally focused. There might be some cross-over when we highlight some of our Denver-based friends in other markets, like how Renegade Brewing Company just started distributing in Arizona and we’ve been sharing their delicious beer at several Arizona events. 

In the words of George Bailey, “You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.” 

Right now we are working on building our lasso and one day, maybe we’ll bRUNch on the moon! Doesn’t that sound like fun!?!