Partner Tips: Protect Your Eyes

Before heading out for a run you lace up your running shoes and slather on sunscreen on to protect your exposed skin, you make sure your water-belt is full and that your gps watch is ready to log all those miles. But what do you do when it comes to your eyes? What are you doing to protect them? 

Our amazing partners at Native Eyewear have some great tips and reasons on why it is essential to protect your eyes when hitting the pavement and running trails. 

1. Wearing reliable, active lifestyle sunglasses provide more than just protection against sunlight, they protect eyes from all kinds of debris (bugs, gravel, tree branches, wind {even on cold, overcast days}) while running. 

2. Native’s polarization and filter technology help protect long-term vision by filtering out UVA, UVB, and HEV rays.

3. Eyes don’t have to work as hard when wearing Native Eyewear. Which means that by protecting your eyes from harmful rays, you are reducing interim fatigue (tired legs, not tired eyes). That means you can run longer!

4. Native Eyewear provides extra sun protection on the face, especially that delicate skin around your eyes (less sun = less crows feet).

5. The decentered lens reduces surface distortion making it easier to navigate on an uneven trail or road.

6. The polycarbonate lense makes the sunglasses lighter and more durable unlike regular glass lenses.

7. Native Eyewear still recommends sunscreen and a hat for optimal sun protection.

Don’t just take our word for it. Go see for yourself! Check out all of Native Eyewear’s great style options at