Secret Ingredients: New Year, New Goals

It is sad to say but 2016 is over. See ya! The end of each year is met with disdain and excitement. I can completely say that I am ready for 2017, not saying that 2016 was a bad year, but it was not great. My optimism always does get the best of me, so I am looking towards the future. 

A new year brings new excitement! I am so excited to implement and get to know our bRUNch community better in person and online. Today as I am writing this, I am sitting on the train from the airport to downtown Denver. Earlier today I ran The Runner’s Den Scottsdale Half Marathon and set a new half marathon PR of 2:04. This is six minutes faster than my previous half, so I am beyond thrilled! Totally need to pick up a bottle of champagne to celebrate. 

As I’ve had a few minutes to decompress today, and as I am without a phone, apparently when you forget your running belt and put your phone in your bra so that your pants don’t fall down, yeah this is all fact, your phone gets water damage from your sweat. Oh well, sweat is amazing!

But I am getting off topic. As runners, we are always striving towards goals we set for ourselves, and when we break them, there is this feeling of a job well done. Now getting to that goal is never easy. You have to make sacrifices. This can mean being the first to leave a party or a night out. Not eating some comfort foods that you love because they will affect your performance or that rumble in the jungle during a run. We’ve all been there.

Not matter what, running in a commitment we’ve made to ourselves to grow and change. These are two of the hardest things for a human being to do. Whatever our story was that brought us to run, it got us here, and our goals are what keep us here. 

We don’t listen to the little voices in our heads that tell us to stay in bed on cold winter mornings. No, we bundle up and get after it. At times that voice will ask us over and over again, you can turn around here, but our legs don’t listen. They know better. They keep pushing us forward. Then when the run is done, we feel amazing. 

Hard work does pay off. I am personally a believer in working hard and setting goals. Goal setting gives us something to live up to. While, we may not always reach out ours, and at times they feel completely out of reach, goal setting is a great source of motivation. 

I personally write out yearly goals, but then I break them down monthly. We do the same with bRUNch. Think big, and savor each step in the goal setting and crushing process. 

I’m going to share my three running goals for 2017 here, and I will also post them in the Facebook group

Goal 1: Run a sub 4:30 marathon

I am running the Paris Marathon in April if anyone wants to join me! Croissants and champagne sound like the perfect post-run treat! 

Goal 2: Run a sub 2:00 half marathon

Today I ran a 2:04, so within the next year, I want to take four minutes off of my time. 

Goal 3: Participate in 10 bRUNch runs, in 10 different cities

We are working on growing our community, and I want to run with all of you! 

Now I challenge you, our incredible bRUNch tribe to set your own goals for 2017. What do you want to accomplish or do in 2017? How will these goals change your life? These are your goals and you are making them for yourself. Let’s share in the setting of our goals and dreams together and provide each other the support to crush it!