Get to Know Our Austin City Manager: Q&A with Brittany C.

You’ve probably seen her smiling face, quite literally, running all around Austin and at our bRUNch events. Now it is time to put a name to the face of bRUNch Austin, meet our very own city manager, Brittany C. Without her, bRUNch Austin would not be possible.

What is your day job?

I'm a personal trainer, specializing in boxing and kickboxing, and I'm also a singer!



When and why did you start running?

I honestly cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn't running. Whether it was my nine year old self trying to beat the neighborhood boys during sprints through the park or my nineteen year old self trying to forget about all my college stresses, I feel like running has always been a part of me. After finishing my first half marathon during my senior year of college in 2010, I knew that it was over, I had officially caught "the bug" and that I would, in fact, be a "runner" for the rest of my life.

Why do you love running?

I just can't imagine my world without running. Having gone through my own set of trials and tribulations within my life thus far, running has taught me so many things, but most importantly, to never, ever, give up. It's the one thing that truly makes me feel complete, that and food, and runnnigs allows me to stay positive, focused and hopeful when the waters get rough. As a now fitness professional, I am determined to spend my life helping and inspiring those around me, and honestly, I have to thank running for giving me the courage to start and the motivation to keep living. Every single mile is different, teaching, inspiring and special!

What is your favorite brunch entree?

Hm... depending on where I am, I usually always go for French toast or pancakes, I have some sweet teeth. Other times I want something more savory like chilaquilles or a yummy omelette!

What is your favorite brunch drink?

Mimosa!! Champagne, always and forever!

What is your favorite running gear?

I wear Brooks on my feet, Asics and Lululemon on my body!

What is your favorite distance to run?

There is nothing like running a marathon, and there is nothing like the feeling after running a marathon, so for traveling and enjoyment purposes (aka, having your day not be completely loopy thereafter), I'd say the half marathon! You can run one, get a little bling, have a few mimosas and spend a night on the town without needing a nap after!

What are your running goals?

I've been training to BQ (Boston Qualify) for the past few months, and am hoping within the next year to finally hit my 3:30 marathon goal in order to do this! After that I'll probably up my triathlon game and work my way up to a half Ironman, and then eventually a full-- always listening to my body of course!!