15 Reasons to bRUNch in 2015

You’ve seen us running through city parks, trails and streets on Sunday mornings. Don’t just watch us run by, join us. bRUNch gives you access to a group of motivated runners, holds you accountable to a training schedule, become a better athlete and most importantly helps you refuel and become stronger. 

For those of you who have been bRUNching with us for years. We love you. For those we still need to convince. Here are 15 reasons to bRUNch in 2015. 

1. Socialize with Other Runners

While running might be an independent sport, the social component is still very important. The relationships you form with other bRUNchers helps to motivate and ultimately makes you a better runner. You can chat before you run, during your run and afterwards. 

2. Explore Your Hometown 

We all love the cities we live in otherwise we wouldn’t live there, right! Running is great in that you can step outside your front door and go. It is good to switch up your routes and by joining bRUNch you can make sure to run new routes which in turn helps prevent injuries. 

3. Explore a New Town

Did you just move to town? Are you just here for the weekend? bRUNch is a great way to find a group to run with and try a fabulous restaurant. 

4. Find New Races

Your fellow bRUNchers can offer suggestions on running that first half marathon or 5K. They may even sign up and do it with you! We also have partnerships with many races across the country with exclusive discounts just for bRUNchers!

5. Extra Motivation

Running with a group is competitive. Running alongside other bRUNchers will push you to go faster and be stronger. Push yourself, but remember that most of our runs are just training runs so make sure it doesn’t feel like a race. 

6. Accountability 

When you run alone certain things like hitting the snooze button one too many times can get in the way of your run. By purchasing a ticket to bRUNch you won’t need as much willpower to get up and meet us at the restaurant. It’s harder to skip a workout that you have paid for and when people are waiting for you. 

7. Structured Training Runs

When someone else is leading a run you can focus on your pace, strength and time. No worry wondering which direction to go or where to turn around. bRUNch will always give you two run options each Sunday. If you are training for a half or 10K, do the longer run. Working on completing your first 5K race? Select the shorter run. 

8. Learn About Other Aspects of Running

Every bRUNcher has had different running experiences and knowledge on nutrition, time management and training. During our the brunching portion ask questions on what works for others. Compare stats, times and gadgets. 

9. Learn About New Gear

Not sure which GPS watch to buy? Which shoes are best for people with IT band problems? Should I get a foam roller? Get all of these questions answered from fellow bRUNchers. And yes, buy a foam roller. You will hate it so much at first but the love with grow. 

10. You Can Still Get Some ZZZ’s

 You can sleep in until 9 a.m., still get in your run, and you get to eat breakfast. This means you can still go out on Saturday night and get your beauty sleep! Plus, your day isn’t a wash because hangover or not you went for a run.

11. You don’t have to decide between running and eating. 

You get the best of everything on Sunday! Sundays were made for running and eating brunch. With bRUNch, you don’t have to decide, you get both.

12. You can have a fancy coffee or juice with booze

Yup. Many of our wonderful restaurants will add something special to that gorgeous cappuccino or tasty carrot juice. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself,  check out this drink from Zeal.

13. There’s Always Artful Food Combos

Breakfast pizza. Bacon. French toast. Eggs Benedict. Bacon. Over-easy eggs. Scrambled eggs. Bacon. Fruit stuffed French toast. Little Donkey.

14. You Will Feel Accomplished with Your Sunday

You got out of bed and went for a run and then you started day drinking.

15. You Don’t Have to Do The Dishes

 No one likes to do dishes! Now go take a shower if you want, or treat yourself to another mimosa. We won’t judge you.


See you soon at bRUNch!