Try These Workouts: Phoenix

In Phoenix the temperature is closely approaching triple digits. So what is a bRUNcher to do to keep cool and still get in an amazing workout?


How about a pool? U.S. Masters Swimming has more 50 groups throughout the valley. To prevent injuries and maintain fitness swimming is a great alternative to running. Swimming is ideal for active recovery of runners, it allows you to increase endurance and oxygen capacity and it gives your legs a break from pounding the pavement.


Prefer to keep you feet on dry ground? How about high intensity strength training and conditioning? BODI is a high intensity group fitness gym located in Old Town Scottsdale. This gym focuses on functional training with  bootcamp style classes that use a variety of equipment and training methods. The mix of extreme strength training along with intense agility and cardio training ensure the most efficient results.


Like to treat your workout more like a party? Visit The Madison Improvement Club. If you are a yoga and cycling buff you will love this place.  You will feel young, wild, and free as you pedal along to intensely motivating tunes in the cycle class and you might even meet your new B.F.F.  in one of their yoga classes. Maybe you want to kick back on the patio, sipping on a smoothie while talking to the ever enthusiastic and funny café manager. What you really, really need to know about this place is  that they have huge hearts and the desire to advance the intellectual, physical, mental and social life of their guests. Om up. Chow down. Ride on.

Have commitment problems? Give FIT [tbd] a try. FIT [tbd] (To Be Determined) bundles boutique fitness classes at top studios across the Valley so you can gym-hop to your heart’s desire. They hand-select only the best boutique gyms and top studios in spin, pilates, yoga, interval, and barre. Sweat it up in spin, dial it down in yoga, stretch and tone in Pilates, torch some serious calories in boxing, or sculpt a better behind in barre. Pick your fit!

Just log on as a new registrant, pick a plan and start gym jumping! They  have 19 partner studios (and growing) across the Valley, the best in yoga, spin, Pilates, barre and interval, and you have access to them all! Book all your classes online, add a plan anytime you want, manage your account online and get sweaty! It’s that easy.

And there’s more… is also a portal of fitness awesomeness! The site is full of informational and inspirational articles that showcase all the top instructors, highlight the best workouts, and dish on —(recipes too!) to keep you in-the-know on all things fitness – and keep you motivated. It’s click after click of health and fitness fun! If you sign up before the month ends, you can get 4 classes for $20.

Keep cool this summer and stay fit!