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bRUNch Running Ambassador Program

Our bRUNch Brand Ambassador Program to now open to any and all applicants of all running levels, ages, and gender! What is a bRUNch ambassador? An individual who is passionate about running, fitness, food + drink, fun, and puppies (ok you don't have to be a fan of puppies, but we can't be friends). We are seeking people who are willing to help build an online community, #bRUNchTribe, with content contribution of posting photos, writing posts, sharing their running + foodie adventures with the world through a variety of social media outlets!  Our ambassadors will bring bRUNch to their hometowns by creating their own bRUNch events showcasing what their city/town has to offer! 

Being a bRUNch ambassador is about creating a community of amazing people who have a passion about bRUNching. Ambassadors will get exclusive perks, discounts on race registrations and merchandise, delicious ambassador-only swag, and more! Rumor has it, our badass ambassadors will be getting their very own t-shirt or tank for FREE!  

If you think this sounds like a team you want to be a part of, keep reading to find out if you would be a good fit! 

What does it mean to be a brand ambassador?

If you’ve been to one of our events, read about us in a magazine, checked out our website, or follow our social media accounts you know what bRUNching means to us. In the past, we’ve only had ambassadors in Colorado, Arizona, and Texas, but this is all about to change! bRUNch is getting a makeover and our company’s structure and dynamics is changing a bit (for the better). You asked for  bRUNch in more cities, states, and countries and we are going to do just that! (Read more about how to plan a bRUNch in your hometown here). 

bRUNch brand ambassadors are: runners/walkers of all levels, ages, gender. You can decide today that you want to become a runner or maybe you have completed in more than 100 marathons, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that bRUNch ambassadors share our values and grow our community. 

What characteristics does a brand ambassador have? 

  • Passionate about running/walking, socializing with their friends, creating a community around their passion, and brunch!
  • They are involved in their community. They not only love to participate in local walks, and races, but they also encourage others to get moving! Be a #bRUNchspiration!
  • They have personal goals associated with running. They will show up with a smile on their face, and encourage others to run rain, shine, snow, or sleet.
  • They are positive. Any runner can tell you about their love and hate relationship with this sport. When bad runs hit us hard, bRUNch ambassadors see the mimosa at the end of the tunnel, and see the opportunity to improve next time.

What are we looking for when runners apply to our ambassador program?

bRUNch ambassadors will be advocates for bRUNch. As we continue to grow this community, we will look to our ambassadors on where to host events and how to share the gospel of bRUNch. We are looking for runners who can talk about how they started running, the city they live in, and how bRUNch plays a role in their running goals and training. 

Ambassadors may be asked to donate their time for promo events, and local bRUNches. 

We want our ambassadors to care about the #bRUNchTribe as much as we do! 

Interested in applying to be part of our 2017 ambassador team? Fill out the application below!

Deadline to apply for the 2017 ambassador in NOW open-ended, meaning no deadline! If you are a #RUNspiration and you think you have what it takes to be an ambassador apply today!


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