Welcome to the fourth annual bRUNch Run benefiting MetroCaring! We are so excited to have you participating in this year's awesome event! 

You provide:

  • logo for website listing
  • 500 small bites
  • Offer for virtual goody bag
  • Restaurant health permit paperwork
  • Hand washing station per city and county guidelines
  • 10x10 tent 

We provide:

  • Booth sign
  • Two (2) 8' tables with tablecloth 
  • Six (6) staff badges
  • Hyperlinked logo on bRUNch Running website
  • One recipe blog post
  • Social media posts leading up to the event
  • Plates, napkins + flatware

Health Permits

Denver requires that reach restaurant submit two items of paperwork. Please download the Temporary Restaurant Acknowledgement Letter and Affidavit of Commissary, and email to alex@brunchrunning.com. 

Restaurant Application

Name *
Please provide the cell phone number for the day of contact.
Restaurant Address
Restaurant Address
If yes, how many amps do you need?